How To Deal With Jealousy

A Guide for the Modern High Status Man on how to deal with jealousy. As a modern man, it is crucial for you to learn how to deal with jealousy. This article is for men who aspire to be high status men, and for men who are high status and want to stay that way. […]

Meaning Of Envy

How To Protect Yourself Against Envy As a high status man you must learn to protect yourself from envious people. The most importaant meaning of envy is: they are dangerous. It is easier for an envious person to jum off a bridge than to admit to envying. An envious person will poison you, lie to […]

How To Avoid Negative People And Why

As a high status man something you should really know is why to avoid negative people and how. You as a man have almost probably been educated to be “tough” which is good in situations where you need toughness to cope with difficulties. On the other hand there are situations where being tough and persistent […]

Financially Hunted Men

If you are a successful man and plan to get married, beware, because you may well be “financially hunted.” For some time I have been following the saga of Mel Gibson versus Oksana Griegorieva. Something was simply not making sense to me. How could such a strong and successful man like Mel show such a […]