Did Julian Assange Seduce, or Was He Seduced In Stockholm?

I did not closely follow the WikiLeaks story. Like other similar stories, I do not have a completely clear vision of WikiLeaks, and what is connected to it.

There are many obscure aspects of the story, and it is very difficult to know what really happened; what is true and what is not.

However, what happened to Julian Assange in Stockholm during his short adventure with two Swedish women is crystal clear to me.

The story is clear proof of how important it is for a high-status man to have the mastery of two important skills:

Never losing control of your frame: Even if you are tremendously in love, and are having the adventure of your life, never, never give up control over the frame of your interaction with anyone!

Screening women properly: You cannot be in a short or long-term relationship with a woman who is not sexually receptive in a joyful and positive way to you as a man.

Ignoring this fact will for certainly spell trouble for you.

You should be able to screen a woman for an inability to love men, and be sexually receptive, within the first twenty minutes of your conversation with her, and then rapidly direct your ship towards more pleasant seas.

There is absolutely no point staying in a place where your humanity as a man is not accepted.

When you want to relax from your mission or goal, you should actively screen for women who truly love men.

When he is on leave from his mission, the warrior wants to have a chance to rest. Men want rest so they can focus their maximum energy on their mission.

The ability to focus intensively on one mission or goal is one of the most important skills men have.

Another important rule for a modern, high-status male is to never, ever mix your mission, your desire, and your feelings with one another.

The mission always comes first. No hard feelings involved!

Our fathers and our grandfathers knew this principle very well. Why would you not want to be at their same level?

A man dedicated to his mission never loses control over his frame.

This is a rule.

Being able to screen women quickly is an extremely important skill.

When you screen for women who hate men, and cannot be sexually and emotionally receptive to you, you are harming yourself and also doing harm to other men.

When you choose to be with a woman who hates men, you are simultaneously excluding from your life other women who truly love men.

You should always be the selector.

You should never be selected.

You alone are responsible for your choices.

Being a real man is a lonely business.

Julian Assange´s story in Stockholm indicates that being selected is not only bad business for a man, but also a very dangerous business.

A little bit of paranoia a la Woody Allen can protect your health and your sanity; just a little bit, but not too much.

Seducing two women who are friends with each other behind their backs, and without controlling the frame of what is happening is fairly boyish behavior.

It indicates a lack of confidence on your behalf, as you are telling the woman that you are scared of her judgment.

If you do not believe in exclusivity, then be a real man and say that clearly and directly to your women.

We live in a society where, for the sake of “freedom” and “independence,” sexual and emotional exclusivity is presented by the media as something old-fashioned and ridiculous.

We live in a society of the unbearable lightness of being. If you believe in exclusive relationships you are right. If you do not believe in exclusive relationships you are also right.

Everyone is “right” in a modern and democratic, pluralistic society.

So long as you do not break the law, you are in the right.

So why do things behind peoples’ backs?

If you want to be exclusive, then wisely choose your woman.

If you do not want to be exclusive, be straight and direct about that, and again, choose your women wisely.

By doing this, you are establishing yourself as the selector from the beginning, and that is safe.

If Julian had clearly told the Swedish girl that he was not interested in exclusive relationships, then the encounter might have lasted only twenty minutes.

They would have left the bar and gone their own separate ways without harming each other in any way.

Julian was lonely and in need of support, and he was looking for that support in the wrong place.

He believed that he was among people who shared his ideals, and he let his guard down.

In this aspect, I empathize with Julian, and I think many other men do as well; regardless of their political positions on what he did as WikiLeaks founder.

He felt that he was dealing with people who supported him, and who shared similar ideals.

The problem is, you cannot give control of your frame to others when you are on a mission.

Ask for support, but never lose control over your frame.

There are many safer ways of visiting a new city without losing control over your frame, even if you do have the CIA chasing you.

He lost control over his frame and made a major screening mistake. The girl who accused him of rape is a Christian feminist.

If he would have first spent some time in a bar listening to her story, perhaps he would have rather spent his remaining time somewhere other than her apartment.

The basic idea behind the Swedish law is right. Not stopping when the other wants to, even in the middle of sexual contact, is an offence.

The fact is that the same law can also be used to accuse an innocent person of something that cannot be easily proved in a court of law, unless you were to always have a witness assist in your sexual encounters.

From the point of view of a man, the central issue is: be more careful about with whom you spend your time, especially when you are on an important mission.

The woman in question was a gender equity officer at the University. She has deeply “Christian” values towards men, and she has been publishing a blog post titled “7 Steps To Revenge”, in which she gives advice on how a woman who has been cheated on can get revenge on a man.

What I believe happened is this: he did not seduce the two girls, but was seduced by them, especially by the girl who had him as a guest in her apartment.

He began the seduction, but over time he was seduced. He lost control over his frame because he liked the girls too much.

If he would have spent some time looking a little more deely into her personality, he probably would have detected that this woman had only one mission: to make men feel guilty for being heterosexual males.

When you lose control over your frame, when you fail to properly screen your female mates, and you when you are not the selector, you are not seducing: you are being seduced and selected.

That is what we men should learn from what happened to Julian Assange in Stockholm. Never lose the frame of the selector, and never let anything get control over your frame and your mission!

A high-status man is dedicated to his mission before all else.

Incidentally, Stockholm is one of the most open-minded towns in the world. There are many swingers clubs, and the people are very democratic and open to diversity, judging from the number of clubs dedicated to sexual minorities.

When you are on your mission, you can, and should, focus on spending your time with women who truly love men.

With proper training, you can detect this trait simply by having a twenty-minute conversation with a woman in a bar, and before you accept a guest invitation from her.

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One thought on “Did Julian Assange Seduce, or Was He Seduced In Stockholm?

  1. Carlo Sandros

    October 28, 2013 at 5:29am

    After watching “The Fifth Estate”,I respect Julian as a founder of WikiLeaks…Its so true what is said and mentioned here.Great leaders are wanted in being conquered by enemy even vampire seductress who may NOT have the best intentions can destroy a man .Ofcourse as a man,even Adam fell for Eve eating the apple, Samson with hair cut by the woman who made love to him.Thank you for this Great article read!

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