Meaning Of Envy

How To Protect Yourself Against Envy

As a high status man you must learn to protect yourself from envious people. The most importaant meaning of envy is: they are dangerous.

It is easier for an envious person to jum off a bridge than to admit to envying. An envious person will poison you, lie to you, and spread rumors about you. They will try to destroy whatever comes to them if they know it came from you.

The first step to protecting yourself from envious people is to be able to pick out who they are.When you have status, intelligence, and charisma, you stand out like flies on a horse’s tail. This is the real meaning of envy!

An envious person can pick you out within five seconds. They can pick you out, hate you, and go on to plan your downfall, all within a few minutes of seeing you for the first time.

Once envy is discovered, there is not much that the person can do to you; however, that “not much” is like a nightmare.You must be able to walk into a room and pick upon envy as fast as possible. You must be able to catch envy from it’s very beginning.

If you only recognize envy and the meaning of envy when people begin to act on it, you are too late. Because if a person is already trying to bring you down and is turning others all around you towards hate, then he is already acting out his envy.

Rule number one about the meaning of envy: never help a person that envies you.When you do that, you show magnanimity and other good qualities that will only make the person’s envy stronger and enhance the attacks against you.

By definition, an envious person is unable to feel grateful for any good things received, and reacts to this with anger and a desire to destroy you.Robert Greene’s “The 48 Laws of Power” made it very clear: “Do not try to do favors for those who envy you; they will think you are condescending to them.” He explained so well in this statement the true meaning of envy.

Don’t take what the envious person does or says seriously; the more you are reactive to it, the more the envious person will succeed to harm you.A badly envious person is not able to have a cooperative relationship with you based on fair exchange, and for this reason, simply don’t bother to find any answers to his or her questions.

You are better off focusing on something else productive, instead of trying to answer the envious person’s questions. If you do not need to share the same place with the envious person, then the best thing you can do is the same as with cancer: early detection and removal!

Simply quit all interaction with the envious person as soon as possible. This may seem a tough way of dealing with it, but believe me, it’s the only one which will save you from a lot of pain!

If you are obliged by the circumstances to stay in the same place with a person who is envious of you, then try to reduce the interaction with the person to the minimum necessary.

And make sure to not be involved in cooperation with the envious person in any activity that is important to you!By definition, if you are a high status man any person who is badly envious of you will have only one goal in mind, and that will be to destroy you at any cost.

You can prevent that by simply cutting the envious person out of your life. Never forget this when evaluating the meaning of envy in an envious person.No other cure is as effective.

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2 thoughts on “Meaning Of Envy

  1. J

    April 14, 2012 at 9:20pm


    But how do you tell whether you are dealing with envy, and when you are dealing with some other issue?

    I have a theory now that everyone likes a high status guy if they are sure that the high status guy likes them, is interested in their company, and is on their side, etc. If they are not fully sure about that, then some people could become a little wary of you, when you show some of the so called high status behaviours, in my opinion. In superficial interactions that’s an easy mistake to make, when you don’t know someone well and they don’t know you. They don’t know what you are really like and who you really are. So, is it envy you are seeing or could it sometimes be just a form of fear? They think: “oh, this guy has some personal strength, but is he a good guy? Given the chance, would he put me down?”

  2. High Status Man

    April 27, 2012 at 8:04am

    Hello you make great observations. Of course fear has a big role when dealing with high status and envy. You can tell is it envy or something else by detecting is the other person truly able to be happy for other people’s happiness. If a person can show true appreciation for another person’s happiness and success then for sure there is no envy there. Brian Tracy highlights appreciation as one of the most important features of an high status person.

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