How To Recognize “Fake” Female Sexual Free-Mindedness

This is about dating, and how for a modern man it is very important to learn to recognize “fake” female free-mindedness.

Like every man, you surely like women who are sexually receptive and open to enjoying sex.

Anyway, not all that glitters is gold. You need to learn to recognize the women who are for real about this, and the women who try to sell you “air” in matters of sexuality because they have some other end goal in mind.

There is a “fake” female sexual free-mindedness that you need to recognize, and which is “hysterical” in nature.

We live in a society where the female body is shown everywhere: you can see beautiful naked women in commercials, television, and in books.

Maybe she is the wonderful sexy blond who is showing you the last technical details of a new laptop. Maybe she is the wonderful hot brunette who is telling you, with the reinforcement of a short skirt and a pair of gorgeous sexy legs, the financial details of your new insurance.

Don´t be fooled!

In my home town they used to say, “If a dog bites, it does not shout.”

“Fake” sexual free-mindedness has to be suspected in the following situations:

– If she is clearly “showing off” and comes out as “too blatant” in her sexual sub-communication. This is where you have to suspect “fake” sexual free mindedness in her. A woman who is really sexual is “naturally” sexual and totally relaxed about it. She is for real about it. She does not need to “show off.”

– The display of sexuality is intended to get her way on a topic that interests her. This can be a material thing, like maybe your financial support of even an intellectual or emotional goal. She may be sexual because she wants you to become her “male girlfriend” and share with her all the possible topics of the deep relationship she has with her cat, with whom she has lived alone since her last boyfriend left her. Suspect “fake” sexuality if you meet a woman who is trying to be over-sexual in order to gain a material or emotional advantage from you.

– She is overtly sexual, and at the same time tries very early on to dominate you, and lead you in the interaction. Especially if she tries to fight for a “one-up-man-ship” you can be dead sure that what seems to be a very interesting and sexual woman is actually…a fake.

– Overt sexual behavior combined with resisting rapport with you. If a woman is being overtly sexual and she resists rapport when you try to reach her on the more emotional and sensitive topics, she is a fake. Women that are really of sexual nature get aroused by rapport; that is not a turn-off for them.

– Overt sexual behavior and introduction of gender political topics into the conversation from her very early on, and especially if unrelated to topic of your conversation and inappropriate to the stage of your relationship with her. If she is being overtly sexual and discussing topics connected with gender politics, you can be dead sure that her overt sexual behavior is fake.

– Overt sexual behavior, and introducing too early on and in too much of a massive way, topics like “saving the world, helping little children, or the poor, the disabled, or the oppressed.” If the topic of “saving people and saving the world” is connected with overt sexual behavior, you can be sure that her overt sexual behavior will soon bring you to sexual starvation, so…it´s a fake.

A truly sexual woman is receptive, and has a “no nonsense approach” to her own desires… 

Why do you need to avoid women who exhibit this “fake” sexual desire? Simple: it changes very, very quickly into no sex at all. Sometimes as fast as after the first meeting with her, or the same day.

If she does this, politely excuse yourself by saying that you suddenly got a headache and need to leave.

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